Innovative Financial Technology and IT Solutions for Enterprises

We offer FinTech solutions that are simple, powerful and fast to go-to-market, while providing cost-effective IT solutions to ensure that your business operations run smoothly as desired.

Our FinTech Solution

Receive money or salary, send money to others easily via remittance or into digital account (wallet).

Get loans for personal uses or hired purchases, subject to credit rating.

Quick Identification of Profile via E-KYC and display Credit Rating.

Use of Virtual Debit Master or Visa cards for domestic purchases and access to Indonesian payment gateway.

In-built eco-system to provide users with essential services payable with the digital wallet.

Purchase medical and life Insurance. Make simple and short-term Investments (P2P loans).

Are you looking for a FinTech solution?

Are you looking for a FinTech solution?

We offer B2B2C digital wallets that are tailored to the needs of the user, allowing for the easy management of payments to employees, vendors and partners. Our digital wallets and money transfer services simplify transfers, increasing convenience and reducing costs for their users.Ready to get started? Contact us for a fully customised strategy for your business today.

FinTech Solutions Tailored For Your Business

Lab Moneta has the technology and should be used by any organisation and company who wants to digitise and share the benefits of digitisation throughout their organisation. Any organisation or company regularly deals with global payments and networks, as well as those who pay salaries and fees in multiple currencies, will benefit from Lab Moneta technology and services. Organisations and companies should deploy and digitise work flows to benefit the company and users, allowing them to manage employees and salary payments, in addition to added benefits related to digital wallets, such as easier remittance payments.

Lab Moneta digital wallet should be used by any organisation and company who conduct global payments and network, including but not limited to:

Government Agency and NGOs

For those who assist and engage with vulnerable groups who are digitally neglected and FinTech deprived, such as Migrant Worker Services.

SMEs, Corporations and Multinationals

Companies who manage large teams of employees across multiple jurisdictions, requiring payment and other services such as ship crew management.

Non-Profit Organisations

Organisations that engage with large number of people, from followers to volunteers, and who conduct regular fundraising across borders.

Our IT Solutions and Services

Perform a Cloud Transformation of on-premise server and data to a cloud-based environment that is flexible, scalable and convenient.

Get Digital Signatures, Accounting and Workflows automation softwares for your business needs.

Enhance your security across multi cloud, on-premise servers and comprehensive cybersecurity.

We provide Analytics Monitoring, RF Optimisation, Inventory Management and User Access Management.

We offer Managed services that includes Office IT Setup and Security, Email Setup and Website Hosting.

We focus on resolving and supporting you to ensure your business operations are up and running.

Solutions to suit your Business Needs

We work with notable industry partners to bring you the most suitable and robust applications that would be vital to ensuring success for your business needs.

Ready to get started? Contact us for a fully customised strategy for your business today.