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Hello, We Are Lab Moneta

Lab Moneta is a Singapore-based FinTech company that aims to make FinTech available for everyone by accelerating Financial Technology adoption within organisations of all sizes throughout Asia. Lab Moneta provides a suite of services to help you build the FinTech of tomorrow. Businesses of all sizes – from startups to large enterprises – use Lab Moneta to start, run, and scale their businesses through a technology-first approach. Build the future of finance with Lab Moneta.

Lab Moneta works with organisations from initial strategy review right through to technology adoption, execution, and post integrations. By facilitating FinTech adoption, Lab Moneta allow organisations to generate additional revenue streams, and provide individuals and underbanked communities with access to safe, secure financial services.

Core Services

We bring together everything that is required to build better FinTechs.Lab Moneta’s modular approach optimises every stage of the innovation process.

Core Capabilities

We combine our expertise with Singapore’s unrivalled regional position as a FinTech hub to turn insights into action.

Core Technologies

We integrate the latest technologies to advance innovation in the ever-changing digital economy to drive the future of your business.

Enabling International Transfers

Do you make regular international money transfers? Need to send money home or pay for essential services and employees across multiple jurisdictions? Do you want ease of mind and comfort at knowing your family has received your money?

Lab Moneta Pte Ltd is currently exempted from holding a licence for a Standard Payment Institution licence for the provision of cross border payment services under the Payment Services Act by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The Company has also submitted its license application licence for the provision of account issuance service, domestic money transfer service, merchant acquisition service and e-money issuance service.

Are You Looking for a Digital Solution?

Lab Moneta has the technology and should be used by any organisation and company who wants to digitise and share the benefits of digitisation throughout their organisation. We offer B2B2C digital wallets that are tailored to the needs of the user, allowing for the easy management of payments to employees, vendors and partners. Our digital wallets and money transfer services simplify transfers, increasing convenience and reducing costs for their users.

Any organisation or company regularly deals with global payments and networks, as well as those who pay salaries and fees in multiple currencies, will benefit from Lab Moneta technology and services. Organisations and companies should deploy and digitise work flows to benefit the company and users, allowing them to manage employees and salary payments, in addition to added benefits related to digital wallets, such as easier remittance payments.

Lab Moneta digital wallet should be used by any organisation and company who conduct global payments and network, including but not limited to:

Government Agency and NGOs

For those who assist and engage with vulnerable groups who are digitally neglected and fintech deprived, such as Migrant Worker Services.

SMEs, Corporations and Multinationals

Companies who manage large teams of employees across multiple jurisdictions, requiring payment and other services such as ship crew management.

Non-Profit Organisations

Organisations that engage with large number of people, from followers to volunteers, and who conduct regular fundraising across borders.

“Lab Moneta has a great team to work with and a network of partners to leverage on. We can attest to that. We are looking forward to closer collaborations in the UK and beyond.“

Md. Shahidul Alam, CEO & Director , Smart Cricket Global Ltd

“Lab Moneta is able to make our vision a reality, with clear innovation and monetisation models that benefit all the stakeholders and community users who are vital to the digital ecosystem. Great ingenuity and inclusive vision for everyone. We look forward to the project expansion and global roll out.“

Veroli Jondo, Founder, Project Anak Indonesia