Lab Moneta

Lab Moneta is a Singapore-based FinTech company that aims to make FinTech available for everyone by accelerating Financial Technology adoption within organisations of all sizes throughout Asia.

Who We Are

Lab Moneta is a one-stop innovation-as-a-service FinTech company with core capabilities in seed funding and management, project monetisation, building tech and accelerating deployment.

Established to meet the immediate and practical needs of unbanked populations and B2B captive markets, Lab Moneta has diverse investments in FinTech projects and Smart Technologies that focus on specific captive and community-based markets. With our core FinTech and financial licences, as well as direct project funding and management, Lab Moneta can direct stakeholders to focus on real issues and formulate sustainable solutions.

Lab Moneta aims to grow through its diverse yet synergistic portfolio that provides sustainable growth to our partners and the captive markets that we build.

Mission Statement

Through technology, we make things better together.

James Hong, Executive Director

Message From Our Executive Director

“For too long, modern, digitised financial services have been out of reach for the organisations that need it most, raising costs and preventing growth for the most economically stressed communities. Lab Moneta’s mission is to make FinTech available for everyone, regardless of size.

Our ecosystem of investors and partners will provide the necessary funding, and our team of tech developers and market specialists will develop tailored solutions. The result is increased revenues for organisations, and access to safe and secure financial services for individuals.”


“Lab Moneta has a great team to work with and a network of partners to leverage on. We can attest to that. We are looking forward to closer collaborations in the UK and beyond.“

Md. Shahidul Alam, CEO & Director , Smart Cricket Global Ltd www.smartcricket.com

“Lab Moneta is able to make our vision a reality, with clear innovation and monetisation models that benefit all the stakeholders and community users who are vital to the digital ecosystem. Great ingenuity and inclusive vision for everyone. We look forward to the project expansion and global roll out.“

Veroli Jondo, Founder, Project Anak Indonesia www.anakindonesia.com