Our Core Services

The digital age shows no signs of slowing down. With the growing use of FinTech around the world, the need for rapid business transformation has never been greater. From idea evaluation and market validation to the final deployment, Lab Moneta accelerates your innovation with key resources, knowledge, and connections.

Lab Moneta Pte Ltd is currently exempted from holding a licence to provide payment services under the Payment Services Act by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The Company is in the midst of application for a Standard Payment Institution licence for the provision of account issuance service, domestic money transfer service, inward cross-border money transfer service, merchant acquisition service and e-money issuance service.

Project Study

Kickstart or refine your FinTech projects with actionable tools, processes, and metrics regardless of your stage and size.


Create sustainable revenue streams with an effective monetisation and fund management strategy.

Project Funding
& Management

Scale and take your business to the next level by leveraging on Lab Moneta’s capital and thriving ecosystem of partners and investors.

Market Tech

Navigate the wave of digital disruption and gain a competitive edge with the latest technologies.

Go To

Maximise revenue with a comprehensive go-to-market blueprint that delivers your unique value proposition to your target consumers.

& Support

Boost productivity by integrating automated business workflows combined with top-tier security, streamlined IT processes, true cloud architecture, real-time reporting, and multi-language support.

Post Integration

Maximise synergies for a timely realisation of deal benefits with an established merger framework and execution plan.


Modular Approach

At Lab Moneta, we adopt a modular, plug-and-play approach from beginning to end. Rooted in flexibility, modularity removes barriers to innovation by ensuring that each stage in the innovation process can act independently, yet function together as a seamless whole.

This enables us to approach every client differently, to tailor cost-effective solutions that focus on real issues. Regardless of where you are in the innovation process, our goal is to help you grow and succeed. Tap into Lab Moneta’s core services, capabilities, and technologies to build game-changing FinTech solutions with a lasting impact.

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“Lab Moneta has a great team to work with and a network of partners to leverage on. We can attest to that. We are looking forward to closer collaborations in the UK and beyond.“

Md. Shahidul Alam, CEO & Director , Smart Cricket Global Ltd www.smartcricket.com

“Lab Moneta is able to make our vision a reality, with clear innovation and monetisation models that benefit all the stakeholders and community users who are vital to the digital ecosystem. Great ingenuity and inclusive vision for everyone. We look forward to the project expansion and global roll out.“

Veroli Jondo, Founder, Project Anak Indonesia www.anakindonesia.com